Alexa…Let’s Play a Game!

A look into the potential for interactive speaker-based games.

Compulsory Groups :  GS18-1   GS18-2   GS18-3   GS19-1   GS19-2   GS19-3   GS19-4  

Speaker profile

  • Alessio Cavatore

    In the last twenty years, Origins Awards winner Alessio Cavatore has designed or co-designed many miniatures wargames, role-playing games, card games and board games – titles like Warhammer, 40K, The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game, Kings of War, Bolt Action, Terminator Genisys, Labyrinth and Pacific Rim Extinction to name a few, not to mention a plethora of expansions and other type of supplements and support material for these systems.