All Things Concept Art

Ever wanted to get into the concept art industry? EA Criterion Concept Artist – James Lewis-Vines – explains how he got started, his advice for young artists today and his insight into the world of Concept Art for AAA games, sharing EA Criterion’s recent work on Battlefield V and Star Wars – Battlefront 2.

Compulsory Groups :  E191   E192   XS19-2  

Speaker profile

  • James Lewis-Vines

    James Lewis-Vines is a Concept Artist at Criterion Games – Electronic Arts, he has most recently worked on Battlefield V, Star Wars Battlefront 2 and unannounced upcoming AAA titles. Prior to this, he was a concept artist at the UK’s National Space Centre working on projects including Imagineering Design for Ferrari World (Abu Dhabi) and Google’s GLXP project. James also works on a freelance basis, contributing to games for studios including Pixel Toys and BossKey Studios.

    James’s role as a concept artist involves a wide variety of work such as promotional key frame artwork, character design, environment design, prop/vehicle design and matte painting.