Do It For Real: Music

Do It For Real is all about Confetti students getting real industry opportunities whilst studying, to help them get work in the creative industries.

We’ve invited some of Confetti’s top graduates from music courses to talk about their industry experiences since leaving, and answer all your questions.

Come and meet some Confetti graduates, and come armed with lots of questions to ask them.

Compulsory Groups :  QS19-4   QS19-5  

Speaker profile

  • Cate Grundy

    Confetti graduate Cate co-owns Nottingham-based record label Phlexx Records, releasing music from local artists such as Do Nothing, Soft Girls & Boys Club, Megatrain and more. She also works as a rep for DHP, managing shows for Rock City and Rescue Rooms and helps with advancing Dot to Dot, Splendour and Beat The Streets festivals. Thanks to Confetti, Cate was able to get ‘a foot in the door’ and gain a full introduction into and knowledge of the local music scene and the greater industry.

  • MC Snowy

    Midlands MC Snowy knows you don’t have to be within the M25 to lead the charge in UK rap. Not content to be contained within grime’s boundaries, the Nottingham spitter is ripping up the rap rulebook, lending his wild ad-libs and sharp lyricism to some of the coldest styles going. Snowy has been tipped by tastemakers like Complex and Huck, Gilles Peterson on his Future Bubblers program and has since caught the ears of Mike Skinner, Idris Elba and Lily Allen – even comedian Frankie Boyle’s a fan.