The Long Road to the Supermassive

Join Maggie Mojsiejuk on her journey from being student at Confetti to Junior Games Designer for Supermassive Games.

Learn about how to make the most of the opportunities around you, especially during your time at Confetti, and succeed!

Compulsory Groups :  T192-A   T192-B   T193-A   T193-B  

Speaker profile

  • Magdalena Mojsiejuk

    Maggie, is a Confetti BSc Games Production graduate and Student of the Year Award-winner of 2019. During her university life, she was involved with many projects across the NTU campuses. She was a student mentor in her second year, the lead student mentor for Confetti games, student ambassador, course representative and NTU Global Lounge assistant. After graduating she started her position as Junior Game Designer at Supermassive Games in Guildford where she has worked for the past seven months since graduating.