How to Make Money from Your Music

There’s no better person to explain how you make money from your music, and how to manage your money as an artist. Eric will explain how to avoid the mistakes and how to make the most out of your music in a financial climate that is constantly evolving on a monthly basis.

Compulsory Groups :  DS18-2   QS18-1   QS18-2   QS19-3  

Speaker profile

  • Eric Longley

    Eric was for a time Managing Director of Factory Records, working with New Order and Happy Mondays. He has managed indie bands such as Cud and the New Fast Automatic Daffodils, as well as boyband Spin City. Eric now works as a tax specialist for musicians, composers and others in the entertainment industry, as well as acting as the business manager for 25 Hour Convenience Store – the record label owned by Gary Powell of The Libertines.  Eric has a mountain of contacts and information to share about how to be successful in the music business.