Mindfulness Training

This workshop is an intensive introduction to mindfulness and how, through daily practise, it can help you develop not only as a creative but also personally. You will learn about mindfulness principles and techniques to help you understand and control your mind and body in order to live the best possible version of yourself – equipping you for employment and success.

There will be guided breathing and meditation exercises and a professionally recorded mp3 of the exercises will be made for download so that you can continue with mindful practise at home.

Compulsory Groups :  No compulsory groups  

Speaker profile

  • Bob James

    Bob James is a music industry specialist, mentor, life coach and mindfulness tutor.

    Having worked successfully as a music manager for over 25 years, he understands the importance of providing artists with support not only in business but also with their mental health and personal development, and ensuring these become more of a priority within the music industry.