Professional 3D Asset Development Pipelines

In this session, students will get to learn high-level techniques, tips and tricks in developing professional assets using Maya and 3DS Max.

Joe Tyas is a Confetti graduate, so it’s great opportunity to get an insight into the games industry.

Compulsory Groups :  T192-A   T192-B   T193-A   T193-B   Y193  

Speaker profile

  • Joe Tyas

    Coming back from London to his hometown of Nottingham where he graduated from Confetti in 2013, Joe is visiting from Splash Damage with knowledge to share about how he went from graduating from the games development course at Confetti to being given the chance to work on one of his favourite franchises – Gears of War. Working on Gears of War 4: DLC and Gears of War 5 as an environment artist.