So You’re a Designer: Tips on Building Experience and Skills Relevant to a Rapidly Changing Industry

You’ve studied, you’ve installed all the creative suite apps, you’re brimming with inspiration but you’re absolutely crippled with self-doubt and no idea what to do next. In ‘So you’re a designer’ Alex Traska gives you a blow-by-blow account of good, bad and ugly ways to approach employers or secure internships, gives you tips on how to develop self-initiated projects that will boost your portfolio, and how to showcase the wide range of skills you’ll need to make yourself indispensable in the constantly mutating role of ‘designer’.

Compulsory Groups :  WS19-1   WS19-2  

Speaker profile

  • Alex Traska

    Alex’s 20 years of experience in the design industry has covered a broad creative output. In the mid 2000’s, his work founding a global internet radio community was featured by Channel 4 and the BBC, and precipitated international DJing bookings, and a guest lecture appearance at Germany’s legendary Bauhaus Institute. More than 10-years later, Alex’s work and that of the team he leads at creative agency, Makermet, came to the attention of Channel 4 again, in the form of our city’s shortlisted bid to become home to the TV station’s new creative HQ.